Service goal: improve efficiency, promote innovation, increase wealth

Development goal: to become a high-tech enterprise of Shenzhen battery charger

Three pillars of development: 1. Maximizing customer value 2. Maximizing employee value 3. Maximizing product value.

Mission: Pursue excellence and create value for customers.

Four major responsibilities: 1. Responsible for yourself. 2. Responsible for the team.

3. Responsible to the customer. 4. Responsible for society.

Behavioral philosophy: continuous improvement, professional attitude, teamwork.

Talent standard: 1. Take morality first and focus on energy. Morality is the foundation and can be a requirement.

2. Talented and reusable, there is no virtue to retain, there is no morality to refuse to use, no virtue and no use.

3. Don't raise a idler, don't leave a lazy person, don't have a mediocre person, don't lose a capable person.

Values: responsibility, integrity, creativity, growth, and win-win.